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About this task

Talend Studio enables you to customize the information and settings of the project in progress, including the Palette, Job settings and Job version management, for example.

To customize project settings:


  1. Click on the Studio tool bar, or select File > Edit Project Properties from the menu bar.
    The Project Settings dialog box opens.
  2. In the tree diagram to the left of the dialog box, select the setting you wish to customize and then customize it, using the options that appear to the right of the box.


From the dialog box you can also export or import the full assemblage of settings that define a particular project:

  • To export the settings, click on the Export button. The export will generate an XML file containing all of your project settings.

  • To import settings, click on the Import button and select the XML file containing the parameters of the project which you want to apply to the current project.