Defining the sequence of multiple input loops - 7.3

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About this task

If a loop element, or the flat data flow, receives mappings from more than one loop element of the input flow, you need to define the sequence of the input loops. The first loop element of this sequence will be the primary loop, so the transformation process related to this sequence will first loop over this element such that the data outputted will be sorted with regard to its element values.

For example, in this figure, the types element is the primary loop and the outputted data will be sorted by the values of this element.

In this case in which one output loop element receives several input loop elements, a [...] button appears next to this receiving loop element or for the flat data, appears on the head of the table representing the flat data flow. To define the loop sequence, do the following:


  1. Click this [...] button to open the sequence arrangement window as presented by the figure used earlier in this section.
  2. Use the up or down flash button to arrange this sequence.