Filtering tables/views in a database connection - 7.3

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You can filter the tables/views to list under any database connection.

This option is very helpful when the number of tables in the database to which the Studio is connecting is very big. If so, a message is displayed prompting you to set a table filter on the database connection in order to list only defined tables in the DQ Repository tree view.

Before you begin

A database connection is created in the Profiling perspective.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Metadata > Metadata.
  2. Expand the database connection in which you want to filter tables/views and right-click the desired catalog/schema.
  3. Select Table/View Filter from the list to display the corresponding dialog box.
  4. Set a table and a view filter in the corresponding fields and click Finish to close the dialog box.


Only tables/views that match the filter you set are listed in the DQ Repository tree view.