Finalizing and executing the column set analysis on a delimited file - 7.3

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What is left before executing this set of columns analysis is to define the indicator settings, data filter and analysis parameters.

Before you begin

A column set analysis is defined in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


  1. In the Analysis Parameters view, select the Allow drill down check box to store locally the data that will be analyzed by the current analysis.
  2. In the Max number of rows kept per indicator field enter the number of the data rows you want to make accessible.
    Note: The Allow drill down check box is selected by default, and the maximum analyzed data rows to be shown per indicator is set to 50.
  3. Save the analysis and press F6 to execute it.


The editor switches to the Analysis Results view and displays the graphical result corresponding to the Simple Statistics indicators used to analyze the defined set of columns.

When you use patterns to match the content of the set of columns, another graphic is displayed to illustrate the match and non-match results against the totality of the used patterns.