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  1. Specify the full path of the source file in the File field, or click the Browse... button to browse to the file.
    Note: The Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path notation is not supported. If your source file is on a LAN host, you can first map the network folder into a local drive.
    Skip this step if you are saving an Excel file connection defined in a component because the file path is already filled in the File field.
  2. If the uploaded file is an Excel 2007 file, make sure that the Read excel2007 file format(xlsx) check box is selected.
  3. By default, user mode is selected. If the uploaded xlsx file is extremely large, select Less memory consumed for large excel(Event mode) from the Generation mode list to prevent out-of-memory errors.
  4. In the File viewer and sheets setting area, view the file content and the select the sheet or sheets of interest.
    • From the Please select sheet drop-down list, select the sheet you want to view. The preview table displays the content of the selected sheet.

      By default the file preview table displays the first sheet of the file.

    • From the Set sheets parameters list, select the check box next to the sheet or sheets you want to upload.

      If you select more than one sheet, the result schema will be the combination of the structures of all the selected sheets.

  5. Click Next to continue.