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If you want to reuse an existing message for your input, output, or fault element, follow these steps:


  1. In the design workspace, right-click your input, output, or fault element and click Set Message>Existing Message.
  2. The Specify Message wizard is displayed. In the Name field, type a search string to filter the list or leave the field blank to view all the available messages in the Components area.
  3. You can change the scope of the list by selecting one of the following options:
    • Workspace: lists the messages available in your workspace.

    • Enclosing Project: lists the messages available in the project that contains your file.

    • Current Resource: lists the messages available in your current file.

    • Working Sets: lists the messages available in a specified set of files. To specify a working set, click Choose. You can select files from an existing working set or create a new working set. Once you have selected the files, click OK.

  4. The existing messages will be listed in the Components area. The Declaration Location field shows where the selected message is located. Select the message you want and click OK.


You can now add parts to your message. Parts are a flexible mechanism for describing the logical abstract content of a message. For more information, see Adding a part to a message.