Setting an authentication-enabled Https proxy for an Azure storage connection - 7.3

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This task sets an Https proxy with user authentication enabled for an existing Azure storage connection.

About this task

This task enables Talend Studio to connect Azure storage through an Https proxy server with user authentication enabled. It assumes that the address of the Https server, the username and password set on the proxy server are available.


  1. In the Repository pane, expand the Metadata>Azure Storage node.

    The Azure storage connection appears under Azure Storage.

  2. Right-click the Azure storage connection and select Azure Storage Connection from the context menu.

    The Azure Storage dialog box appears.

  3. Click Proxy Setting in the Azure Storage dialog box.

    The Preferences (Filtered) dialog box appears.

  4. Select Enable Basic User Authentication Header and then select General>Network Connection.

    The Network Connections pane appears in the right part of the dialog box.

  5. Select the HTTPS row in Proxy entries table and then click Edit....

    The Edit Proxy Entry dialog box appears.

  6. Provide the following settings in the corresponding fields:
    • Host, the IP address of the Https server;
    • Port, the port number used;
    • Require Authentication, select this option to enter username and password.
    • User, username for authentication;
    • Password, password for authentication.
  7. Click OK and then Apply and Close to validate the settings.