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  1. Double-click tWaitForFile to open its Basic settings view.
  2. In the Directory to scan field, enter the directory to be scanned.
  3. In the File mask field, enter "*.txt" to scan only text files.
  4. From the Trigger action when drop-down list, select a file is created to trigger the first tJava when a text file is created.
  5. From the Then drop-down list, select exit loop to stop the iteration loop immediately after the first tJava is triggered.
  6. Double-click the first tJava to open its Basic settings view.
  7. In the code area, type in the following code:System.out.println("A file was created at " + TalendDate.getCurrentDate()); System.out.println("Name of the created file: " + ((String)globalMap.get("tWaitForFile_1_CREATED_FILE")));
  8. Double-click the second tJava to open its Basic settings view.
  9. In the code area, type in the following code:System.out.println("\r\nIteration loop ended at " + TalendDate.getCurrentDate()); System.out.println("Number of iterations finished: " + ((Integer)globalMap.get("tWaitForFile_1_CURRENT_ITERATION")));