Key areas audited in a project - 7.3

Talend Project Audit User Guide

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Talend Project Audit
Administration and Monitoring

Talend Project Audit is an inquiry into the key data processing aspects of a project that is designed in your Talend Studio.

Talend Project Audit provides several functions for auditing a project through investigating different elements in Jobs designed in the Studio. Talend Project Audit reviews:

  • degree of difficulty of Jobs and components used in Jobs,
  • Job error management,
  • documentation and Job versioning,
  • usage of metadata items in Job designs,
  • layout-related issues in Job and subjob graphical designs,
  • Job analysis.

These aspects depend on each other and are correlated accordingly during project investigation in Talend Project Audit.

For more information about the audit results of the above key areas, see Talend Project Audit reports.