Trigger usage in Jobs - 7.3

Talend Project Audit User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

The table in this section lists numeric values for trigger types used in Jobs part of the audited project.



Trigger type

Triggers can be any of the following types:

  • On Subjob Ok
  • On Subjob Error
  • Run if
  • On Component Ok
  • On Component Error

Job count

Number of Jobs using at least one trigger type


The fraction of 100 representing the frequency of each trigger type in a Job fraction relative to Job total number in the project.

For example, if On Subjob Ok is used in 25 Jobs where global Job count in the project is 154 and the number of Jobs using at least one trigger type is 48, the percentage can be figured by the proportion 25*100 / 154 which works out to be about 16.23