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Talend Cloud Data Preparation atop Talend Cloud Data Inventory

The arrival of Talend Cloud Data Inventory to the Talend Cloud platform means that new Talend Cloud Data Preparation users will by default benefit from the following features. For current users, they will be made available after an automatic migration of their account, planned to happen in the next few weeks. An in-app notification will be sent with more details at a later time.

Feature Description
Common dataset inventory between all the Talend Cloud applications If you use a combination of Talend Cloud Data Preparation, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, and Talend Cloud Data Inventory, all your connections and datasets are centralized and shared across all applications.
Enhanced connectivity You can now create preparations on data coming from a greater range of data sources. For the complete list of all the compatible connectors, see the Talend Cloud Connectors Guide.
Reuse connections across datasets Store the connection metadata to your data sources in a dedicated page, and reuse them to create datasets.
Social curation You can now apply a rating score to you datasets, and benefit from a more flexible sharing system for datasets, connections and preparations, with different sharing levels.
Dataset provenance and destination See how your datasets are used. For any given dataset, you can now view a list of all the preparations that have been created from it, along with their creator.
Drag and drop local files If you want to create a dataset from a local file stored on your computer, you can now simply drag it and drop it in the datasets page to trigger the import.
New dataset list look The list of dataset now shows new indicators for quality, rating and global trust score for each dataset.

Take a deeper look at how your usage of the application will be impacted on this page, and see the Talend Cloud Data Inventory section of the Release Notes for a more detailed list of what this new application can bring to Talend Cloud Data Preparation in the case you subscribe to both applications.

Removed items

Feature Description
Live datasets Given the extended native connectivity brought by this release, creating and using live datasets will not be possible anymore.
Make line as header The Make line as header function does not exist anymore as is, and you can select which row to use as header for your dataset in the dataset properties instead.