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Release Notes
Feature Description
IP allowlist

Clients with appropriate permissions can now use this IP allowlisting feature to restrict the access to Talend Cloud to only trusted IPs.

Once your allowlist is activated, only IPs on this allowlist is enabled to access Talend Cloud; any IPs not present on this list are blocked.
This feature is available to the Platform and Data Fabric licenses only.
Secure password parameters With the R2020-07-7.3.1 Talend Studio patch, password type context parameters are treated more securely than before. Previously, the value of the password parameter was handled as a string, visible to all users with the correct workspace permissions. With this patch, the parameter value is treated as confidential information.
To use this feature:
  1. Add the R2020-07-7.3.1 patch to Talend Studio.
  2. Publish an artifact with a password type context parameter to Talend Cloud Management Console.
  3. If it is not set automatically, update the tasks to use the latest version of the published artifact.
The password parameter's value will become encrypted.

To request this patch, contact Talend support.

Parallel execution of Job tasks and plans You can run Job tasks and plans on multiple engines at the same time, provided you selected one of the following as runtime for the tasks:
  • Cloud
  • Cloud exclusive
  • a Remote Engine cluster
Depending on your configuration and available tokens, you can run the tasks or plans simultaneously on two Remote Engines in the selected cluster, or start two Cloud Engines to run it in parallel.
Pipelines in plans It is now possible to schedule your pipeline task executions in sequence, define failure handlers, and set the execution intervals by adding them to plans.
Column chooser in the Tasks and plans list You can customize your Tasks and plans page by selecting different columns to display the most important information for you.
Talend Cloud Migration Platform Talend Cloud Migration Platform is updated with support for the migration of artifacts, tasks and mapping with workspaces/environments in Talend Cloud Management Console.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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