Deploying to an artifact repository - Cloud - 7.3

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Configure the pipeline script provided by Talend to deploy your artifacts to the artifact repository of your choice.


  1. From the Jenkins home page, select TalendSimplePipeline.
  2. Click Build with Parameters on the left panel to open the pipeline configuration page.
  3. In the MVN_GOALS parameter, define the Maven phase you want to achieve, and make sure the profile stated is -Pnexus.
    For more information on the Maven phases, see the Maven documentation.
    Tip: All build profiles (-Pdocker, -Pnexus, etc.) are listed in the parent pom.xml file of your project.


    Parameter Example of default value
    deploy -Pnexus

    For examples of filters you can apply to the execution of your project items, see Filtering the execution of your project on selected artifacts.

  4. To define the artifact repository in which you want to deploy the project artifacts, edit the repository URL stated in the MVN_GOALS parameter.

    The repository defined in the default script provided by Talend is the maven-releases remote repository.


    Parameter Example of default value

    allows you to deploy artifacts into a Nexus snapshots repository (for projects under development and artifacts with a -SNAPSHOT version).

    You need to specify your own artifact repository URL and there should not be any line breaks between the Maven goal and the -DaltDeploymentRepository parameter.

  5. Click Build to take your changes into account and build your artifacts.