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Maven option Description
-f, --file<arg> Forces the use of a specific POM file (here, the directory of the pom.xml of your Talend project).
-s, --settings<arg> Forces the use of a specific user settings file (here, the path to your custom maven_settings.xml file).
-fae, --fail-at-end With this option, the build that contain errors will fail afterward while allowing all non-impacted builds to continue.

This option is useful when building multi-module projects to spot execution errors rather than hiding them.

-e, --erros Produces execution error messages.

This option is useful to diagnose an error in a Maven plugin.

-pl,--projects <arg> Comma-delimited list of specified reactor projects to build instead of all projects.
Note: The -pl parameter is not supported for SOAP services.
  • All Jobs from a project can be published without using the -pl option.
  • If you want individual Jobs to be published, you can publish the Job which is related to the service using the -pl option. But publishing the whole service using the -pl option is not supported.
-am,--also-make If you have specified a project using the -pl command, also builds the projects required by the listed project(s).
-D,--define <arg> Defines a system property.

All Talend custom Maven options need to be used with the -D option. Check the list of these custom options in Talend custom Maven build options.

All Maven CLI options are referenced on the Apache Maven website.