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These parameters can only be used in the mvn(Jenkins)/options(Azure DevOps) commands of your CI build definition.

Note: The parameters in the following table are not defined in the CI builder plugin (see the embedded generate-mojo.html help file) and thus cannot be used in the mavenOpts (Jenkins)/mavenOptions(Azure DevOps) of your CI build definition.
Maven parameter Value
Talend CommandLine parameters -Dtalend.job.context and -Dtalend.job.applyContextToChildren When building or scheduling the execution of Jobs, specifies the context group to apply to all Jobs at build time.
Example to apply a context group named dev only to the parent Jobs and apply the default context group to the child Jobs:
Example to apply a context group named dev to the parent Jobs and apply the same context group to the child Jobs:

If the context group you specify does not exist on the Job, the default context group will be applied.

Docker parameters -Dtalend.docker.name Specifies the name of the Docker image that will be created.
-Dtalend.docker.jdk Specifies the JDK image used by Docker. The default value is openjdk:8-jre-slim.
-Dstudio.prometheus.metrics Add this parameter with a true value while publishing to Docker in order to expose Camel metrics to Prometheus and provide more details about the deployed Routes (number of processed exchanges, number of errors, requests per seconds, etc).
-Dstudio.talendDebug When trying to debug build issues with the support team for example, add this parameter with a true value to get additional logs.
-Dstudio.encryption.keys.file If you need to rotate encryption keys, add this parameter to specify the path to the encryption key configuration file at build time.



For more information, see Rotating encryption keys in Talend Studio.