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Talend recommends that you install additional packages, including third-party libraries and database drivers, as soon as you log in to your Talend Studio to allow you to fully benefit from the functionalities of the Studio.

Before you begin

Warning: Make sure that the -Dtalend.disable.internet parameter is not present in the Studio .ini file or is set to false.


  1. When the Additional Talend Packages wizard opens, install additional packages by selecting the Required and Optional third-party libraries check boxes and clicking Finish.

    This wizard opens each time you launch the studio if any additional package is available for installation unless you select the Do not show this again check box. You can also display this wizard by selecting Help > Install Additional Packages from the menu bar.

    For more information, see the section about installing additional packages in the Talend Data Fabric Installation Guide

  2. In the Download external modules window, click the Accept all button at the bottom of the wizard to accept all the licenses of the external modules used in the studio.

    Depending on the libraries you selected, you may need to accept their license more than once.

    Wait until all the libraries are installed before starting to use the studio.

  3. If required, restart your Talend Studio for certain additional packages to take effect.