Configuring mappings for rejected data - 7.3

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This procedure shows how to configure mappings to gather rejected information.


  1. Double-click the tMap component to open the map editor.

    An second output table named Invalid_movies has been automatically created.

  2. Drop the movieID and title columns from the row1 table to the Invalid_movies table.
  3. Click the tMap settings button on the Invalid_movies table, click the Value field for Catch lookup inner join reject, and then click the [...] button that appears to open the Options dialog box. In the dialog box, select true and click OK.

    With this setting, any records without director IDs or with director IDs that do not match with those in the reference file will be passed to this output.

  4. Click OK to validate the mappings and close the map editor, and click Yes when asked whether to propagate the changes.

    The mapping configurations are saved and the output schema is synchronized to the output component.


Now you have configured mappings for the rejected output. Next, you'll need to configure the output components to write the output flows to database tables.