Building a Job as an OSGI Bundle For ESB - 7.3

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About this task

In the Build Job dialog box, you can change the build type in order to build the Job selection as an OSGI Bundle in order to deploy your Job in Talend ESB Container.

Note: You can build a Job as an OSGI Bundle for ESB only if the Job contains at least one ESB component.


  1. In the Job Version area, select the version number of the Job you want to build if you have created more than one version of the Job.
  2. In the Build type area, select OSGI Bundle For ESB to build your Job as an OSGI Bundle.
    The extension of your build automatically change to .jar as it is what Talend ESB Container is expecting.
  3. If you want to rebuild the built Job into your own JAR with Maven, select the Add maven script check box in the Options area to include the required Maven script in the target archive, which is a .zip file in this case.
  4. Click the Browse... button to specify the folder in which building your Job.
  5. Click Finish to build it.