Centralizing Embedded Rules (Drools) - 7.3

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Design and Development

Talend Studio provides the basis for storing and managing business rules through the integration of the Drools Business Rule Management System (BRMS). It supports the dynamic addition and removal of business rules which you can later execute in defined Jobs.


Drools Guvnor, a web based business rules governance system, has been integrated in Talend Studio. With Drools Guvnor, non-technical users can quickly and easily create and modify complex business logic directly, via the Guvnor interface. For more information, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

Through the Rules folder in the Metadata node of the Repository tree view, you can create your own personalized rules or access a file that holds predefined rules. Then you can use the tRule component to apply the encoded rules in one or more of your job designs.