Checking the validity of a Data Model - 7.3

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Whenever you make changes to your Data Model, Talend Studio can perform a series of checks to ensure that the Data Model is valid. By default, these checks are performed when you save your Data Model and when you deploy your Data Model, and can also be launched manually.

After checking the validity of a data model, Talend Studio also provides the impact analysis result if the data model changes impact the database schema.

Items in the Data Model that are validated include:

  • Entities (other than Reusable Types):

    • Lookup fields

    • Primary keys

    • Primary key information

    • Inheritance

  • Fields (may occur in Entities or Reusable Types):

    • Foreign keys

    • Foreign key information

The validation check reports both errors (issues which mean your Data Model is not valid) and warnings (issues which do not affect the validity of your Data Model, but which may not provide the result you expect). This report is shown in the MDM Problem View of the console.