Choosing what repository nodes to display - 7.3

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About this task

To filter repository nodes, complete the following:


  1. In the Integration perspective of the Studio, click the icon in the upper right corner of the Repository tree view and select Filter Setting... from the contextual menu.
    The Repository Filter dialog box displays.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the nodes you want to display in the Repository tree view.
    Consider, for example, that you want to show in the tree view all the Jobs listed under the Job Designs node, three of the folders listed under the SQL Templates node and one of the metadata items listed under the Metadata node.
  3. Click OK to validate your changes and close the dialog box.
    Only the nodes/folders for which you selected the corresponding check boxes are displayed in the tree view.



If you do not want to show all the Jobs listed under the Job Designs node, you can filter the Jobs using the Filter By Name check box. For more information on filtering Jobs, see Filtering by Job name.