Creating a REST Service from a BPM process exported as a .bar file - 7.3

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About this task

Once you have selected the From .BAR File option in the Create Service From BPM Process wizard, do the following.


  1. Browse your system to the .bar file holding the process from which you want to create a Service.
  2. Click Next to select the fields you want to include in the Service.
  3. By default, all the fields corresponding to the variables defined in the BPM process are selected. If required, clear the Name check box of a field, and then choose one of the following options from the Non-request Field Type list field:
    • Custom: to leave an empty value for the field; if needed, you can specify a custom value or expression for the column corresponding to this field in the output table of the first tXMLMap component in the generated Job, to pass custom information to the BPM process, before running the Job to start the Service. This is the default option for a non-request field.

    • Security Token: use this field to pass the Security Token, if any, in the service request to the BPM process.

    • Correlation ID: use this field to pass the correlation ID, if any, in the service request to the BPM process.

  4. Select the REST Service option, and edit the REST configuration if needed.




    URI location where the REST Service will be accessible for requests.

    Uri Pattern

    REST-ful URI that describes the resource.


    Name of the Job that will be created.

  5. Click Finish. The related Job and the metadata are created in the Repository tree view, and the Job is automatically opened on the design workspace.


You can now: