Customizing the system routines - 7.3

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If a system routine is not adapted to your specific needs, you can customize it by copying and pasting the content in a user routine, then modify the content accordingly.

About this task

To customize a system routine:


  1. Create a user routine by following the steps outlined in Creating user routines.
    The routine editor opens in the workspace, where you can find a basic example of a function.
  2. In the system routines folder, double-click the system routine you want to customize.
  3. Select all or part of the code and copy it using Ctrl+C.
  4. Click the tab to access your user routine and paste the code by pressing Ctrl+V.
  5. Modify the code as required and press Ctrl+S to save it.
    We advise you to use the descriptive text to detail the input and output parameters. This will make your routines easier to maintain and reuse.