Defining context variables for the Route test data - 7.3

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  1. Go to the Contexts view of the test case.
    By default, the required variables have been created under the context named Default. You can define as many contexts as you need to perform your tests for different environments or using different text instances. For more information on how to define contexts and variables, see Using contexts and variables.
  2. Click in the Value field of the variable for the file you want to specify, click the button, browse to your file in the Open dialog box, and double-click it to specify the file path for the variable.
  3. In the Test Cases view, click each test instances on the left panel and select the related context from the context list box on the right panel.
  4. Expand each test instance to show the test data, click each test data item on the left panel and check the context variable mapped to the data set. If needed, select the desired variable from the Context Value list box on the right panel.