Defining the file parsing parameters - 7.3

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About this task

On this view, you can refine the various settings of your file so that the file schema can be properly retrieved.


  1. Set the Encoding type,and the Field and Row separators in the File Settings area.
  2. Depending on your file type (csv or delimited), set the Escape and Enclosure characters to be used.
  3. If the file preview shows a header message, exclude the header from the parsing. Set the number of header rows to be skipped. Also, if you know that the file contains footer information, set the number of footer lines to be ignored.
  4. The Limit of Rows allows you to restrict the extend of the file being parsed. If needed, select the Limit check box and set or select the desired number of rows.
  5. In the File Preview panel, view the new settings impact.
  6. Check the Set heading row as column names box to transform the first parsed row as labels for schema columns. Note that the number of header rows to be skipped is then incremented by 1.
  7. Click Refresh on the preview panel for the settings to take effect and view the result on the viewer.
  8. Click Next to proceed to the final step to check and customize the generated file schema.