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About this task

Prerequisite(s): You have selected the Profiling perspective of the studio.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > Rules.
  2. Right-click Match and select New Match Rule.
  3. In the New Match Rule wizard, enter a name and set other metadata, if required.

    Avoid using special characters in the item names including:

    "~", "!", "`", "#", "^", "&", "*", "\\", "/", "?", ":", ";", "\"", ".", "(", ")", "'", "¥", "'", """, "«", "»", "<", ">".

    These characters are all replaced with "_" in the file system and you may end up creating duplicate items.

    Consider as an example that you want to create a rule to match customer full names.
  4. Click Finish.
    A match rule editor opens in the studio and the new match rule is listed under Libraries > Rule > Match in the DQ Repository tree view.
    In the Record Linkage algorithm view, the Simple VSR Matcher algorithm is selected by default.
  5. Start defining the match rule items as described in Rules with the VSR algorithm and Rules with the T-Swoosh algorithm.