Displaying the cheat sheets - 7.3

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When you open Talend Studio for the first time, the Cheat Sheets view opens by default in the Profiling perspective.

If you close the Cheat Sheets view in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio, it will be always closed anytime you switch back to this perspective until you open it manually.


To display the cheat sheets, either:

  1. Press the Alt+Shift+Q and then H shortcut keys, or select Window > Show View from the menu bar.

    The Show View dialog box opens.

  2. Expand the Help folder and then select Cheat Sheets.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.


  1. Select Help > Cheat Sheets from the menu bar. The Cheat Sheet Selection dialog box opens.

    You can also press the Alt+H shortcut keys to open the Help menu and then select Cheat Sheets.

  2. Expand the Talend > Cheat Sheets folder, select the cheat sheet you want to open in Talend Studio and then click OK .

    The selected cheat sheet opens in the Talend Studio main window. Use the local toolbar icons to manage the display of the cheat sheets.