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About this task

You can include the source code on the generated documentation.


  1. From the menu bar, click Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Expand the Talend node and click Documentation to display the documentation preferences.
  3. Customize the documentation preferences according to your needs:
    • Select the Source code to HTML generation check box to include the source code in the HTML documentation that you will generate.

    • Select the Automatic update of corresponding documentation of job/joblet check box to automatically update the Job and Joblet documentation.

    • In the User Doc Logo field, specify an image file if you want your documentation to include your own logo.

    • In the Company Name field, enter your company name to show on your documentation, if needed.

    • Select the Use CSS file as a template when export to HTML check box to activate the CSS File field if you need to use a CSS file to customize the exported HTML files.


For more information on documentation, see Generating HTML documentation and Documentation tab.