Dropping a context group onto a Job or Route - 7.3

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About this task

To drop a context group onto a Job or Route, proceed as follows:


  1. Double-click the Job or Route to which a context group is to be added.
  2. Once the Job or Route is opened, drop the context group of your choice either onto the design workspace or onto the Contexts view beneath the workspace.
    The Contexts view shows all the contexts and variables of the group. You can:
    • edit the contexts by clicking the [+] button at the upper right corner of the Contexts view.
    • delete the whole group or any variable by selecting the group name or the variable and clicking the X button.
    • save any imported context variable as a built-in variable by right-click it and selecting Add to built-in from the contextual menu.
    • double-click any context variable to open the context group in the Create / Edit a context group wizard and update changes to the Repository.