Duplicating a system indicator - 7.3

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To avoid creating a system indicator from scratch, you can duplicate an existing one in the indicator list. once the copy is created, you can work around its metadata to have a new indicator and use it in data profiling analyses.

Before you begin

You have selected the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > Indicators.
  2. Browse through the indicator lists to reach the indicator you want to duplicate, right-click its name and select Duplicate from the contextual menu.


The indicator is duplicated as a user-defined indicator and is displayed under the User Defined Indicators folder in the DQ Repository tree view.

What to do next

The indicator category of the duplicated Fraud Detection and Soundex indicators is User Defined Frequency. Thus, two columns are expected in the result set of the analysis that uses these duplicated indicators, whereas four columns are expected when using the original system indicators.

To be able use the duplicated Fraud Detection and Soundex indicators in data profiling analyses, you need to edit the indicator definition or create new indicators. For more information on editing user-defined indicators, see Editing a user-defined indicator.