Editing a pattern in the column analysis - 7.3

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About this task

Prerequisite(s): You have selected the Profiling perspective in the studio. A column analysis is open in the analysis editor.


  1. In the Analyze Columns view in the analysis editor, right-click the pattern you want to edit and select Edit pattern from the contextual menu.
    The pattern editor opens showing the selected pattern metadata.
  2. In the Pattern Definition view, edit the pattern definition, or change the selected database, or add other patterns specific to available databases using the [+] button.
    If the regular pattern is simple enough to be used in all databases, select Default in the list.
    When you edit a pattern through the analysis editor, you modify the pattern in the studio repository. Make sure that your modifications are suitable for all other analyses that may be using the modified pattern.
  3. Save your changes.