Enabling foreign key integrity checking - 7.3

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You can enable foreign key integrity checking to manage whether users are allowed to delete a record that is linked to another record through a foreign key. By default, this is not allowed.

About this task

To enable foreign key integrity checking:


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, expand the Data Model node and double-click the data model for which you want to enable foreign key integrity checking.
    The corresponding editor opens with the selected data model displayed.
  2. Select the entity containing the foreign key for which you want to enable integrity checking.
  3. In the Properties view, click the Relationship tab.
  4. Under the Foreign Key section:
    • Select the Enforce FK integrity check box to enable foreign key integrity checking, that is, to raise an error whenever a user tries to delete a record if the record is linked to any other records through this foreign key.

    • Select the Allow FK integrity override check box to allow users to force the delete of a record even if it is linked to another record through this foreign key.

    These two options can be combined in the following ways.
      Enforce FK integrity enabled Enforce FK integrity disabled
    Allow FK integrity override enabled Delete allowed, with user prompted for override Delete allowed
    Allow FK integrity override disabled Delete forbidden Delete allowed
    In the case of conflicts, the least tolerant rule is always applied.
    If a user is prevented from deleting a record, details are provided in <$INSTALLDIR>/logs/mdm.log.