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Before you begin

Warning: Make sure that the -Dtalend.disable.internet parameter is not present in the Studio .ini file or is set to false.

About this task

You can set preferences related to your connection with Talend Exchange, which is part of the Talend Community, in Talend Studio. To do so:


  1. From the menu bar, click Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Expand the Talend node and click Exchange to display the Exchange view.
  3. Set the Exchange preferences according to your needs:
    • If you are not yet connected to the Talend Community, click Sign In to go to the Connect to Talend Community page to sign in using your Talend Community credentials or create a Talend Community account and then sign in.

      If you are already connected to the Talend Community, your account is displayed and the Sign In button becomes Sign Out. To get disconnected from the Talend Community, click Sign Out.

    • If you are not yet connected to the Talend Community and you do not want to be prompted to connect to the Talend Community when launching the Studio, select the Don't ask me to connect to TalendForge at login check box.

    • By default, while you are connected to the Talend Community, whenever an update to an installed community extension is available, a dialog box appears to notify you about it. If you often check for community extension updates and you do not want that dialog box to appear again, clear the Notify me when updated extensions are available check box.