Executing Artifacts on a Remote Engine from Talend Studio - 7.3

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Talend Studio allows you to deploy and execute your designs on a Remote Engine/JobServer when you work on either a local project or a remote project connected to Talend Cloud Management Console.

Before you begin

  • The remote run feature has been enabled for the Remote Engine in Talend Cloud Management Console. For more information, see the Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide.
  • The selected Remote Engine is running.
  • If you are deploying Routes or Data Services, ensure that Talend Runtime is running on the same machine as the Remote Engine.
  • You have been assigned to a remote project in Talend Cloud Management Console.


  1. Start Talend Studio.
  2. Connect to the remote project you have been assigned to by the Project Administrator in Talend Cloud Management Console.
    For instructions on how to connect to a remote project, see the Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide.

    The Remote Engines available in your account are automatically added to the remote server list in Studio (Window > Preferences > Talend > Run/Debug > Remote).


  3. Open your Artifact.
  4. Open the Run view underneath the design workspace.
  5. Click the Target Exec tab.
  6. Select the relevant Remote Engine from the drop-down list.


  7. Click Run in the Basic Run tab, as usual, to connect to the server and deploy and execute the current Artifact.

    If you receive a connection error, ensure that the agent is running, the ports are available, and the server IP address is correct.

  8. Optional: To monitor JVM resource usage during the Artifact execution, you can execute it on the specified Remote Engine/JobServer by clicking Run in the Memory Run tab.
  9. Optional: If you want to debug your Artifact, open the Debug Run tab in the Run view, select Traces Debug or Java Debug from the drop-down list, then click the button.
Troubleshooting: If your execution has failed on the Remote Engine, but not during a simple Studio run operation, build it as a Standalone Job. For instructions, see Troubleshooting Remote Engine executions.