Exporting the results of impact analysis/data lineage to XML - 7.3

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Talend Studio also allows you to export the results of the impact analysis or data lineage done on the selected repository element to an XML document. This tree-structured documentation can be processed by automated analytical applications for Job analysis and reporting purposes.

To generate an XML document of the results of impact analysis or data lineage on the selected a repository item, complete the following:


  1. After you analyze a given repository item as outlined in Impact analysis or Data lineage and in the Impact Analysis view, click the Export to XML button.
    The Generate XML dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the path to where you want to store the generated XML document or browse to the desired location and then give a name for this XML file.
  3. Select the Overwrite existing files without warning check box to suppress the warning message if the specified filename already exists.
  4. Click Finish to validate the operation and close the dialog box.
    An XML file that contains the impact analysis or data lineage information is created in the specified path.
    The figure below illustrates an example of a generated XML file, opened in a text editor.