Functional architecture of Talend products - 7.3

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The functional architecture of your Talend Studio is an architectural model that identifies the Talend Studio functions, interactions and corresponding IT needs. The overall architecture has been described by isolating specific functionalities in functional blocks.

The chart below illustrates the main architectural functional blocks explored within Talend Studio.

Note: The building blocks you have available for use depend on your license.

Several functional blocks are defined:

  • The Clients block includes one or more Talend Studio (s) and Web browsers that could be on the same or on different machines.

    From Talend Studio, you carry out data quality analyses and data integration processes from the Profiling and Integration perspectives respectively.

    From the Web browser, you connect to Talend servers, namely: Talend DQ Portal and Talend Administration Center.

  • The Talend Servers block includes a web-based Talend Administration Center (application server) connected to:
    • two shared repositories: one based on an SVN or Git server and one based on a Nexus repository,
    • databases, one for administration metadata, one for audit information, and one for Activity monitoring,
    • Talend execution server(s).

    Talend Administration Center enables the management and administration of all projects. Administration metadata (user accounts, access rights and project authorization for example) is stored in the Administration database. Project metadata (Jobs, Business Models, Routines for example) is stored in the SVN or Git server.

    The Talend Servers block also includes a Portal, Talend DQ Portal, which is used to access the data generated by the different data quality reports and stored in the datamart. The Portal provides access to a wide range of analytical tools including Analytical Processing (OLAP) and custom reports (QBE).

    Talend DQ Portal is deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards.

  • The Repositories block includes the SVN or Git server and the Nexus repository. The SVN or Git server is used to centralize all project metadata like Jobs and Business Models shared between different end-users, and accessible from the Talend Studio (to be developed) and from Talend Administration Center (to be published, deployed and monitored).
  • The Talend Execution Servers block includes one or more execution containers deployed inside your information system. Talend Jobs are deployed to the Job servers through the Administration Center's Job Conductor to be executed on scheduled time, date, or event.
  • The Databases block includes the Administration, the Audit, the Monitoring and the Datamart. The Datamart stores all data generated by different data quality reports in Talend Studio.