Grouping the output data - 7.3

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The tXMLMap component uses a group element to group the output data according to a given grouping condition. This allows you to wrap elements matching the same condition with this group element.

To set a group element, two restrictions must be respected:

  1. the root node cannot be set as group element;

  2. the group element must be the parent of the loop element.


The option of setting group element is not visible until you have set the loop element; this option is also invisible if an element is not allowed to be set as group element.

Once the group element is set, all of its sub-elements except the loop one are used as conditions to group the output data.

You have to carefully design the XML tree view for the optimized usage of a given group element. For further information about how to use a group element, see tXMLMap.

Note: tXMLMap provides group element and aggregate element to classify data in the XML tree structure. When handling a row of XML data flow, the behavioral difference between them is:
  • The group element processes the data always within one single flow.

  • The aggregate element splits this flow into separate and complete XML flows.