Handling updates in repository items - 7.3

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You can update the metadata, context or joblets parameters that are centralized in the Repository tree view any time in order to update the database connection or the context group details, for example.

When you modify any of the parameters of an entry in the Repository tree view, all Jobs using this repository entry will be impacted by the modification. This is why the system will prompt you to propagate these modifications to all the Jobs that use the repository entry.

The Update Detection dialog box is displayed to let you update the impacted Jobs when:

  • you modify a centralized repository entry that is used in any Jobs and click Yes in the Modification dialog box that is display automatically.
  • you select Detect Dependencies from the right-click menu of a modified repository entry that is used in any Jobs, or click the icon on the toolbar after modifying a centralized repository entry that is used in any Jobs.

For more information on updating impacted Jobs, see Updating impacted Jobs automatically and Updating impacted Jobs manually.

Talend Studio also provides advanced analyzing capabilities, namely impact analysis and data lineage, on repository items. For more information, see Analyzing repository items.

The following sections explain how to modify the parameters of a repository entry and how to propagate the modifications to all or some of the Jobs that use the entry in question.