Initializing the data stored in the ontology repository - 7.3

Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide

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Before you begin

  • Launch Apache Tomcat which embeds your Talend Administration Center.
  • Launch Talend Log Server.


  1. Start Talend Studio.
  2. From the top menu bar, select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences window.
  3. From the Preferences window, select Talend > Profiling > Semantic-aware analysis to open the Semantic-aware analysis view.

    The connection information to the semantic repository on Talend Log Server is set by default depending on your installation.

  4. If you modified the port or the cluster name, edit the parameters in the corresponding fields.
  5. Click Check Connection to test if you can connect to the repository stored on Talend Log Server, and click OK.
  6. Create and run a Semantic-aware analysis from the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio to index and enrich the ontology repository on Talend Log Server.

    For more information about the Semantic-aware Analysis, see the documentation on Talend Help Center (