Launching the server and setting preferences - 7.3

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  1. Launch the elasticsearch server installed by the Installer and stored in the logserv folder in the root directory.
  2. On the menu bar of the Studio, select Window > Preferences to display the Preferences window.
  3. Start typing Semantic in the filter field.
    The Semantic-aware Analysis view is displayed.
    The connection information to the semantic repository on the server is set by default depending on your installation.
    If you do any modifications to the port or cluster name, you must modify them in this view.
    Elasticsearch 7.3.2 is supported. For more information about the supported versions, see Supported ELK versions.
  4. Click Check Connection to verify if the connection is successful before clicking OK.
    An error message is displayed if the connection information to the log server is not correctly set or if the log server is not up and running.