Managing file connections - 7.3

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Few management options are available for file connections including editing or deleting the connection, adding a task to it, or importing and exporting the connection.

You can edit the connection to a specific file and change the connection metadata and the connection information.

Before you begin

A database connection is created in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Metadata > DB Connections.
  2. Double-click the file connection you want to open.
    The connection wizard is displayed.
  3. Go through the steps in the wizard and modify the file connection settings as required.
  4. Click Finish to validate the modifications.

    Other management procedures for file connection are the same as those for databases.

    For further information on how to add a task to a file connection, see Adding a task to a database connection or any of its elements.

    For further information on how to delete or restore a file connection, see Deleting a database connection.

    For further information on how to import or export a file connection, see Importing data profiling items or projects.