Managing workflow actors in the BPM perspective (task assignment) - 7.3

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When designing a workflow in the BPM perspective of Talend Studio, you must define the workflow actors that are required/authorized to intervene at specific tasks.

Next, these workflow actors must be mapped to specific MDM user roles which are granted with the appropriate authorization to access the Talend MDM Web UI and view and/or edit master data records.

Then, from Talend MDM Web UI, the MDM users defined with the corresponding MDM roles will be able to perform the specific workflow tasks which have been assigned to the workflow actors.

Warning: To share the same users between the workflow and the Web User Interface, you must create and map workflow actors to specific MDM user roles in the BPM perspective using the exact "role name" used when creating the user role in the MDM perspective.

For more information on creating and managing MDM user roles, see Security principle in Talend MDM.

To define workflow actors from the BPM perspective, do the following:

  1. Create one or more workflow actors.
  2. Map the workflow actors to MDM roles.
  3. Select one or more of the created workflow actors to intervene at a specific step in the workflow.