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About this task

You can customize the settings of the Palette display so that only the components used in the project are loaded. This will allow you to launch the Studio more quickly.

To customize the Palette display settings:


  1. On the toolbar of the Studio's main window, click or click File > Edit Project Properties on the menu bar to open the Project Settings dialog box.

    In the General view of the Project Settings dialog box, you can add a project description, if you did not do so when creating the project.

  2. In the tree view of the Project Settings dialog box, expand Designer and select Palette Settings.
    The settings of the current Palette are displayed in the panel to the right of the dialog box.
  3. Select one or several components, or even set(s) of components you want to remove from the current project's Palette.
  4. Use the left arrow button to move the selection onto the panel on the left.
    This will remove the selected components from the Palette.
  5. To re-display hidden components, select them in the panel on the left and use the right arrow button to restore them to the Palette.
  6. Click Apply to validate your changes and Apply and Close to close the dialog box.



To get back to the Palette default settings, click Restore Defaults.

For more information on the Palette, see Changing the Palette layout and settings.