Reading the target database and listing the Job execution result - 7.3

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  1. Double-click tMysqlInput to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Select the Use an existing connection check box to use the database connection that you have defined on the tMysqlConnection component.
  3. To define the schema, select Repository and then click the [...] button to choose the database table whose schema is used. In this example, the target table holding the aggregated data is selected.
  4. In the Table Name field, type in the name of the table you want to query. In this example, the table is the one holding the aggregated data.
  5. In the Query area, enter the query statement to select the columns to be displayed.
  6. Save your Job and press F6 to execute it.
    The source table is deleted.
    A two-column table citizencount is created in the database. It groups citizens according to their nationalities and gives their total count in each country.