Resolving conflicts in compare editors - 7.3

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Depending on the nature of a conflicted project item, Talend Studio provides one of the following types of compare editors for you to compare changes on the project item between both branches graphically:
  • Job Compare editor, if the conflicted project item is a standard Job, a Big Data Batch Job, a Big Data Streaming Job, a Joblet, a Route, a Routelet, or a test case.

  • EMF Compare (Eclipse Modeling Framework) editor, if the conflicted item is a Data Profiling analysis, a context group, or a database connection, or an item in project settings.

  • Text Compare editor, if the conflicted item is a general text file, a routine, a bean, a Job script, or a SQL script.

To open a compare editor, right-click a conflicted project item in the Conflicts Navigator tree view and select Resolve in editor from the contextual menu.

After fixing conflicts in an editor, mark the conflicts as resolved and close the editor to continue your previous branch operation.