Scheduling the executions of a Job via Oozie (Deprecated) - 7.3

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  1. In the Path field on the Oozie scheduler tab, enter the path where your Job will be deployed on the HDFS server if the deployment path is not yet defined.
  2. Click the Schedule button on the Oozie scheduler tab to open the scheduling setup dialog box.
  3. Fill in the Frequency field with an integer and select a time unit from the Time Unit list to define the Job execution frequency.
  4. Click the [...] button next to the Start Time field to open the Select Date & Time dialog box, select the date, hour, minute, and second values, and click OK to set the Job execution start time. Then, set the Job execution end time in the same way.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box and start scheduled executions of your Job.
    The Job automatically runs based on the defined scheduling parameters. To stop the Job, click Kill.