Setting a path to a reporting tool - 7.3

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You can configure a JRXML tool in the Studio to be able to open the listed templates in the reporting tool and edit them.

Before you begin

  • You have selected the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.
  • You have downloaded a reporting tool.
Important: Download a reporting tool version compatible with the version of the data quality Studio you are using. For further information on compatible versions, see Using JRXML templates in Talend Studio.


  1. On the menu bar, click Help > Configure reporting tool.
    The report tool wizard dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click Browse and set the path to the executable file in the reporting tool folder.
    Note: The listed executable files depend on your operating system (.exe, .bat, .sh or ireport).
  3. Click Finish to close the dialog box.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  4. Click OK to close the message.
  5. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > JRXML Template.
  6. Double-click any of the listed templates.
    The template opens in the reporting tool.
  7. Edit the template and save it.
    The template is updated in the Studio.