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A port type is a named set of abstract operations and the abstract messages involved. Each operation refers to an input message and output messages. A port type is referenced by a binding object. Each binding references exactly one port type. Since each port refers to exactly one binding, each port has exactly one port type.

You can create a port type by right clicking in any blank area in the design workspace and selecting Add PortType. As a convenience you can also add a port type via a binding. This allows you to create a port type and modify the binding to reference the new port type in one action.

You can either create a new port type for your binding, or reuse an existing one.

Note: Changes of service elements are not automatically propagated to bindings. You need to regenerate the binding content and select the Overwrite existing binding information check box in the binding wizard to reflect changes in the WSDL. For more information, see Setting a binding.