Setting up multiple connections in Talend Studio using a script - 7.3

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Talend Studio allows you to create multiple connections in one go using a script.

The following example demonstrates how to create a local connection and a Talend Administration Center connection in one go using a script.


  1. Create a script file to define the connection details in JSON format.

    In this example, name the script myConnections.json and put it in the Talend Studio installation directory.

            "name": "localConnection",
            "description": "My local connection",
            "local": true,
            "user": "",
            "workSpace": "D:\\Talend\\workspacelocal"
            "name": "remoteConnection",
            "description": "My remote connection",
            "local": false,
            "user": "",
            "password": "mypassword",
            "workSpace": "D:\\Talend\\workspaceremote",
            "url": ""
    Warning: Make sure that the path of your workspace directory contains no space or special characters, which may cause Talend Studio to fail to work because of JVM compatibility issues.
  2. In the Talend Studio installation directory, run the following command:
    Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.GenerateConnection -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace -f myConnections.json
    Note: This example assumes you are using Talend Studio on Microsoft Windows. If you are working on another Operating System, use the executable file of Talend Studio corresponding to your Operating System.
  3. Launch Talend Studio.
  4. In the Talend Studio login window, click Manage Connections to open the Connections window and check your connections.
    The connections defined in the script file are created and shown in the Connections window.