Specifying the URI and method - 7.3

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About this task

This step involves the definition of the URI and other parameters required to obtain the desired values.

In the Web Service Parameter zone:


  1. Enter the URI which will transmit the desired values, in the WSDL field, http://www.webservicex.net/country.asmx?wsdl in this example.
  2. If necessary, select the Need authentication? check box and then enter your authentication information in the User and Password fields.
  3. If you use an http proxy, select the Use http proxy check box and enter the information required in the host, Port, user and password fields.
  4. Enter the Method name in the corresponding field, GetCountryByCountryCode in this example.
  5. In the Value table, Add or Remove values as desired, using the corresponding buttons.
  6. Click Refresh Preview to check that the parameters have been entered correctly.
    In the Preview tab, the values to be transmitted by the Web Service method are displayed, based the parameters entered.